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Picture a nightclub in Helsinki, where you could go and order something other than just geer and G&T. The kind of club you could go to every night of the week and you’d never have to drink same drink twice.

The Club’s DJ would start his gig at 10 pm and wouldn’t stop until 3.30 am when the place closed. The club would be located right in the center of Helsinki and it would be so small that even a smaller group could get the party started.

Every Wednesday night there would be a local guitar hero with an artist guest playing an acoustic set and after they’d finished, the DJ would start his own set.

Just think about that! Wouldn't it be the happiest place on earth!

You know, it exists. We are Lady Moon. We are The Best.

(And no. Despite the name this is not that kind of a club. Everyone is fully clad here.)

We are open 9pm - 4am during midsummer.


Our lost & found is handled by Suomen Löytötavarapiste. Phone: 0600 04401 (1,99€/min + local network charge)


Black clothing, G&T and cash never goes out of style.


Kaivokatu 12, 00100 Helsinki
Phone +358 9 68437370
Party every night 21–04
Age limit 24